Output Accordion Params

Hi everyone,
Can I get a output param from the view to my accordion?

Like in image, I want to access the dtOutput in my accordion, hows has a binding on the “output from view” text’s label param.

I’m pretty sure you just need to right click on the param within the view and set the param direction:

The direction is displayed by an arrow to the far right of the param in the menu. You can also click the arrow icon to swap between directions. By default, all params are set to input, which would probably be why you are currently not getting anything in dtOutput.

Hi, thanks for your response.

I’ve done that but still don’t work on the accordion component.
In others views (embbeded or flexrepeater) it works just fine. But on accordion don’t :confused:

Could it have something to do with how the binding on the output parameter is being evaluated? I tested this by creating a subview with input and output params and simply binding the output directly to the input param. Whenever I write to the input param from the view that contains the accordion component where the body’s view is this test subview, the output param’s value updates to match the input.


I’ve tried to do a test like you said and its working normally.
My problem could be the way perspective loads the views. Gonna try to figure it out.
But this gave me an idea of what to do now.
Thanks a lot!

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