Output Console appears offscreen

Hi Guys,

These days, when I open Ignition Designer, the output console and database query browser open with it in separate windows. The query browser appears partially off-screen, and the output console appears somewhere I can’t see – I assume it’s off screen. Since they’re all registered in windows under the same taskbar item, I can’t just tab over to the output console and force it onto the screen where I can see it. The same happens to me if I open the test console under tools.

Do you guys have any ideas about how to solve this?


If you right click on the thumbnail view, you can pick Move. Then you can drag it to where you want it.


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If you’re talking about Designer panels you can try the menu option View -> Reset Panels.

There are also .layout files in c:\users\%USERNAME%\.ignition. I think these can be deleted to reset the designer layout back to default, but I’m less sure about that method.

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Thanks! That worked for the script console. To get the output console back, I tried the other method from zacht, and it worked out for me.