Output console missing from view

Ignition designer 7.9.5

I was working in a multi-monitor environment and moved the output console to another monitor in floating mode. Now I am back with a small screen and I cannot see the output console nor be able to move it back.

I tried “Reset Panels” but it did work. How can I get output console back? Is there a keyboard shortcut to dock a window or something?

Reset panels won’t actually show the output console - try Tools -> Output Console to force it to show up again.

Has this issue been resolved yet? I am experiencing the same problem on 7.9.13. There is also no option under Tools for Output Console. It is only available under View -> Panels -> Output Console.

I have the same issue after installing a new monitor. I can see the lower half of the output console. The rest is off screen. Is there a way to reset it or move it?

View -> Panels -> Console only hides it or shows it. It doesn’t move it.

A solution was presented in a couple other threads but I'll repeat it here as this thread was the first I found when doing a Google search.

I found that just deleting the “windows.layout” file from the .ignition folder was enough to reset my console window. (C:\Users\{current-user}\.ignition\windows.layout).