Output Console

Something changed with the output console during one of the recent upgrades. It used to only display whatever I intentionally output with “print”, but now it includes all of the lines of diagnostic text that is also displayed in the error dialog notification. Is there a way to tone the output console down so it doesn’t display these errors? I always used it for troubleshooting to catch programming errors, but now I have to search through hundreds of lines of other stuff to find my print output. I wasn’t sure if this change was intentional or not.

Yes, with our move to a more robust logging system for errors (see the error log in the diagnostics window), the console also now gets the errors. This was intentional, but I suppose it is unnecessary. You can always just hit the ‘clear’ button to clear it out and then you’ll see your print-outs at the top again.

Yes, I clear the screen regularly, but when I’m iterating over a list and printing out values, the output quickly becomes pretty hard to decipher. No big deal, but it would be nice to be able to optionally filter these out or be able to make the error messages less verbose.

If the error messages are coming from a specific logger, you could bump up that logger’s log level to try and squelch the messages. Go into the diagnostic pane, right click on a tab and add the logging levels tab. Here you can edit the log level for any given logger. A logger will only log events at or above its current log level.

Perfect! I set the ActionAdapter to “Fatal”, and the errors were surpressed in the output console, but still show in the error dialog.

Thanks a lot, that will make life much easier.

Great, glad that worked out for you!