Over 250 Blocked Threads


Our Ignition Gateway is experiencing an abnormal amount of Blocked threads; database access seems to be the most affected by it, causing a few of our Gateway Timer Scripts that perform some sort of DB access to run extremely slow. The database instance is functioning normally otherwise.

I have attached a Thread Dump for your review.

Oscar.thread_dump.txt (1.3 MB)

It looks like something in the production model is hung up waiting to get a response from your MSSQL database - I would check with Sepasoft support: https://www.sepasoft.com/support/

I’ll also tag @mark.french, in case this is a known issue.

You may need to restart the gateway, or at least the connection to your database (try an edit/save on the connection) - there are multiple DB connector threads stuck waiting to receive data (and they don’t have a timeout, so they’re just sitting and waiting indefinitely).

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Hi @oscar.salcedo, I’ve passed this info to support to have them take a look at the thread dump. Not sure if it’s related to our module(s), but happy to assist debugging via our support channel.

Thanks for tagging me @PGriffith!

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I saved the database connection entries to force a reconnect, but it did not seem to help any.
We did restart the Gateway after exhausting all possible options. The system seems mostly stable at the time. We have opened a ticket and working with IA support now.



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@oscar.salcedo Were you able to root cause this issue ? I have a similar problem, I have a gateway timer script that reads messages from kafka and runs update queries on the database. The script runs on a dedicated thread. The script and the store and forward thread often go into a state of blocked. I have a ticket with inductive open #111758

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