Overlaid navigation button not working!

Have you tried Navigation on the "onActionPerformed" event for the button ?

Ya tried that too 'didn't help' , any reason why ?

Did you put an image OVER the button ?
If that's the case, then what you're clicking is the image, NOT the button. It just won't work.

Sir , the button has placed 'Move Forward' or 'over the front' , and I am actually clicking the Button and not the picture.

Then how did you make it invisible ?

The simple fact that your mouse pointer doesn't change when you mouse over the button shows that you're not actually clicking it.

If you go to misc. in the style props of the button, you can change the cursor to see if you're actually hovering over the button.

Or you could just add the OnClick event to the picture itself, no need for a button in this case

Yes , i got your point.

But i am not able to figure out , how to rectify ?

The button is placed 'Over the front'

The Picture is a big screenshot of lot of PLC , I just want , when a user touch the particular part of picture , he can move to that particular screen.

The buttons meta property "visible" is not enabled. Should the button be visible ?

Recheck the visible property of your buttons, then add a opacity: 0 style.


If i make it visible , transperancy is lost , which is not what i want.

Thanks a lot !