Overlay embedded view on perspective map

Can some one explain me how I can overlay embedded view on perspective map?

I don’t think you can because of how the Map works.

With most components, the z-index is decided by the order in which the component was added to the View (newest component will be the top-most in the z-index), but the Map always has to take precedence, and so we default the z-index of the map to something far above what could realistically be reached by placing components, but below the z-index we assign to Popups (and I hope Docked Views as well).

TLDR; The Map component will always render on top of any component you place on top of it.

I think you misunderstood me. I want in a specific position(lat,long) put a embedded view to display some information. Like oil & gas sample in demo project.
Showing a simple image and clicking on it is not enough for many applications. They have a lot of info on map for each point. For example if I have pump station I want to show pressure and flow for each point on map.
I do this in kymera map in vision. The kymera map module has dataset property which you can define template on each row(like template canveas)
Please take a look a following example for using template in map:

Ah, yes thats totally different.

Map.layers.ui.view is the property you’re looking for.

In the attached screenshot, I’ve configured a View to appear over a set lat/long location. My View contains only a simple icon, but as we allow for passing parameters to the View via the Map.layers.ui.view[x].params object, you could easily pass along information such as pressure and flow.


I had previously assumed this was a bug, but this is a little disappointing to hear. Is it possible at all to render static buttons within the map component that should always remain in frame regardless of zoom or coordinate? I’m thinking of something like a re-center button that would force the map to return to it’s default coordinate and zoom level after a user has navigated away from the original settings.

I know I could just place a button to do this next to the map component instead of on/within the map, but that feels a little clunky given that most modern interactive maps seem to utilize something similar to Google’s UI:

Long-term, we could provide a button for the map which does that, but then there would be confusion as to whether it centers the Map or centers around your location (assuming that’s enabled).

What is far more likely is that we claim some corner of the map for users to provide their own UI with their own implementation for Map controls, since we already expose several “navigation” methods.

While you suggested it seems clunky to provide your own UI, I would argue that removing the Map UI (Map.zoom.controls = false) and providing your own will be a far better long-term experience, and would also provide you far more control than the current controls provide.

That’s great. Thank you.
By the way, how can I increase the tile cache size?
And where perspective store files on gateway?
I want to increase tile cache and surf the area on different zoom to download map tiles and copy cat he tiles to another gateway, so map works offline.

self.getSibling('Map').flyTo(latLng={'lat':self.getSibling('Map').props.init.center.lat, 'lng':self.getSibling('Map').props.init.center.lng})

In the attached screenshot, I’ve placed a “target” or “center” icon as a control, which executes the above script to take a user back to the center.


Hi…this would be a very good idea to implement. Either doing it on the dashboard OR by having a dual axis worksheet with maps where each map has data coming from different (non-related) data sources. For example you may have a Sales datasource which you would visualize on a Filled Map coloring State/Zipcode by Sales Amount.

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