Overlay not working on template

Greetings all,

When I click a multistate button you see a overlay with those dashed lines over the button as a indication that the value is being written to the plc.
This is a really nice feature.
The problem is that, if I use the same button in a template, that overlay isn’t working anymore.

Is it supposed to work in a template or not?


I just tried to replicate this issue here. I could not reproduce it. You should still see the dashed line around the component when it is writing to the tag. That is the exact behavior that I saw. To further troubleshoot this here, what version of Ignition are you using?

I am using version 7.5.6(b1316) 64 bit

Ok, that is the same version that I am using. And can you verify that you are actually writing a value to the tag?

Yes, the tag gets written.

Ok, through some further testing I have been able to replicate this by using a UDT in the custom property. I think this is why you are seeing it. I will put a ticket in to see if this can be fixed. For now, the workaround is not using a UDT as the custom property. Create a custom property of an int and then indirectly bind the control and indicator values to the tag.

you’ve nailed it.
I’ll ‘bypass’ the UDT for the moment.


I have submitted a ticket to have this fixed by the developers.