Overridden alarm configuration in UDT instance won't clear

I accidentally edited the display path of an alarm in a UDT instance rather than the UDT definition itself. So ignition set the alarm configuration for this alarm to overridden. After I realized my mistake I edited the UDT instance and deselected the alarm configuration to be overridden and hit apply. The alarm configuration greys out and it seems to have accepted the change. But if I go back into the alarm configuration for that UDT instance it again indicates that it is still overridden. I did some testing and found that if I change the alarm configuration in the UDT definition the change is passed down to the UDT instance. So it seems that although the UDT instance is reporting that it is still overridden, it in fact is not. I think it is just falsely reporting that it is.

Ignition version 7.6.6 on Win 7

Thank you for pointing this out

The issue seems to be related to the nested UDT. If the alarm was on a OPC tag directly under TestVFD, you should be able to clear the override just fine. Fortunately, this is easily replicated (thanks to iamthebull’s in-depth description). I’ll submit this to our QA department