Override a UDT Script?

Is it possible to override the script attached to a tag that's part of a UDT? We have a UDT that's attached to a couple of hundred tags but we have one tag instance that we want to function a bit differently than the others. I thought that, once upon a time, it was a matter of checking or unchecking a box but I'm not seeing any way to do it now.

Thanks in advance!

Click the little circle, it turns green when overrode.

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So simple and so not very obvious. Thanks!

You don't even have to click it--it should change to overridden when you edit that instance's script.

Not for me, it's greyed out until overridden.


Huh. I wonder when that changed. (Or maybe I misremembered. I might be getting old. :roll_eyes: )

The gray script box is what I was seeing too. Thanks for all of your help everyone!