Override Button

Currently have a value changed script on a tag to automatically change our water pressures on the weekend based on a few triggers. My concern is if we need to manually change pressure setpoints on the weekend when the script is triggering as true to lower the pressures. If we manually change the setpoint, the tag script will then change it back because its showing as true based on triggers.

Is there a way to create an override toggle that essentially disables the script from running when its toggled on?

Create another boolean memory tag. When you want to override the pump pressure set that tag to true.

In your script read the value of that override tag and if it is true exit the script without changing the pressure set point.

You can also incorporate some type of timer or scheduled gateway script to look at that tag and reset it at a predetermined time, so that you don't forget to reset it.

Many possibilities here.


Got it figured out. Worked perfect. Thank you!