Override setting in UDT structure activates override in UDT instance

I created 2 UDTs, one inherited (UDT2) from the other (UDT1). In UDT1, I have an expression tag without the expression defined. It needs to be defined in the inherited UDTs. In UDT2, I override the expression.

My question is why when I create instances of UDT2, the expression is shown as overridden? I would expect the instance to not be overridden since it is the same expression as UDT2. Is this a bug or am I misunderdansting something?

I can manually “unoverride” the expression and it keeps the expression defined in UDT2.

Thank you

I add screenshots to explain better,


Instance at creation

Instance when override is unclicked

I just noticed that when I apply the changes of turn the override to off, I comes back at the overridden state

I think you just answered your own question… :confused:

The instance is from UDT2, so the instance does not override the UDT2 expression. It is UDT2 which override UDT1. I see a difference here, I don’t know if you see what I understand.

It’s overridden in the UDT2 definition, so in every instance of UDT2, it will also be overridden.

But the UDT2 instance does not override the UDT2 template, do you see what I mean? Anyway I just wanted to see if I was the only one thinking that way.

Thank you for your time @JordanCClark