Override the DataSet Value of an UDT Instance

Hello to everyone!

I want to alter a dts default value of and UDT struct.. I use the following code to achieve this:

dts = [10Rx2C]

system.tag.write("[x_provider]Visu_Utenze/AG1F1/Command/Config", dts)

This works correctly if i use the [default] standard provider:

But if i use something different from the default one ([Appoggio] in my case) it doesn't write correctly it:

It's like if the tags doesn't store the altered value inside it's memory.. But only "at fly" (temporary). In fact if i reboot the Ignition Gateway the tag return to it's original default UDT's value (if i read the value after the modify, it has the new values).

My questions are:

  • Why the same script doesn't work if i use different providers? (NB: Even if i always specify it inside tag path too)
  • Why does it behave so?

PS: I use Ignition version: 7.9.14


Is the Appogia provider a remote tag provider?

Nope, is a standard default one