Overriding a parameter from UDT

I have a project where I have a UDT set up and I have set tag history for a few tags within that UDT. Everything worked back in 2021 with me not overriding the storage provider. Something happened on the gateway where a few new projects were added by the customer on the gateway and the DB connection moved to a different server but supposedly nothing related to this project was changed. Now the tags aren't being sent to the DB. After some troubleshooting I tried overriding the storage provider to DB which is the same as the storage provider within the UDT and it now works. Why would I all of a sudden need to override the storage provider for tag history in order for this work when it worked before and overriding it wasn't necessary?

Just to be clear, the name of the storage provider wasn't changed but the DB it pointed to was changed in the gateway | Configuration | Databases | Connections?

thats correct