Owns icons in the marker properties from Map

Hi every one, I would like to know if I can add new icons to the library that appears in the Map properties, specificlly when you insert a marker and then selec the icon, you just have the option to select some one from materials and ignition folders....
it could be perfect if I can visualiza mis own icons in that field, because I already have inserted icons in the image management but I can´t use them when I insert a marker in the map.

I don't have experience specific to the map component, but this information is true for icons used in other components. I expect the map component would be similar.

Icon libraries are stored in %INSTALL_DIRECTORY%/data/modules/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/icons. You can add another icon library and after you close and re-open the designer, the new library will show up in dropdown selector. I've used a custom icon library to add icons that I use on buttons.

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I had done that before but I didn´t re-open the designer, let me do that.