PA Office document module - Reading Excel files

Does anyone have some demo code that goes over how to read Excel files using the PA Office document module? Specifically I’m having trouble because the included documentation reads the cell values as part of a HSSF class, and not a float value.

I have not been able to figure out how to cast it a different type.

I see online there are plenty of other methods available like getNumericCellValue() with the Apache POI libraries so that they will be read with the desired data type. But I cannot get them to work.

I just started using ignition recently, and I am not very good yet at coding. But there must a lot of people out there who use the PA module to do this exact same thing. Ultimately I want to build a script that will read excel recipe values to write values to a OPC system tag, and I would be very grateful if someone could share how they have done it.

Please have a look at my new module New module - RWS - Restful Web Services , from PRAMANJ Technologies as an alternate solution if it solves your problem? You can embed EXCEL in an HTML page.