Page Breaks in Reports

My report has a chart and a table. I want to make the page break when the chart & table don’t fit but instead it seems to shrink the table and break the chart and table onto different pages at times. I’ve played with some of the settings but haven’t had any luck.

These are some of the settings I’ve played with but it doesn’t do what I want.

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Are you using table grouping?

Yes but I am not sure if I have utilized the fullest of it’s abilities. Just selected it but it didn’t change much on the report.

According to your screen shots I’ll assume you need a table peer graph. How are your calling data, by nested queries or just separated sets of data?
What I can advice is to use one table grouping, inside this grouping you may need to have a peer peer table structure of peer child structure, one for the charts and other for the tables. You define this structure by the way your calling data.
Note that inside table grouping you only see a single table
This table changes depending of which table of the grouping you are selecting.
With table grouping selected, enable this props, this will cause the table which holds the charts to the put a new graph per page and not to shrink. For this to happen you should place your graphs at details elements of first peer table.

Also this on first peer table inside the group, make sure to select it first
You should not write that expression Page Break, keep it black. Stay with children to 1 is ok.
Tables should be placed in the second peer table at details row as well.
This is hard to explain, I do advice you to see Inductive University Videos.

Thanks for this information.

The chart data is nested within the table query under the Data tab. Is this the correct place for it?

Below is how the TableGroup is currently structured. The first ‘Details’ is the grouping of the chart and table. The second ‘Header’ and ‘Details’ is the table.


With the “Start on a new page” and “New page per row” selected, it is making a new page for each row in the table (75 pages). I want it to fit what it can fit without breaking up the chart and the data.

I will watch the video on table grouping in the meantime.

I added a chart to a child table and no data displayed but multiple empty charts appeared. I also tried to add the chart to the first peer table and only one column of data appeared and that data repeated for every row of the main query. Not having much luck with the TableGroup.

Maybe the root of your problem is not how you are organizing tables, instead the way your making the queries.
Your parent query should only return the name of your plant-line, one column n rows, then your nested query should return each set of data per each line.
Like so your table grouping should work with the same structure.
First try to call the name of your lines at details row in a peer table with no child.
If that works, add a child tables and try either the graph or table.

Well… You are correct. I played with the queries and was able to recreate my report using he TableGroup. Unfortunately, my original problem still exists. It is still shrinking the table and separating the table. :frowning:

Are you using unstructed row where your placing your table?

That is correct.

Ok using unstructured for chart and structured for tables is ok, last thing I can advice without giving actually a look of what is going on is to use the whole available space to your table grouping, but this is far of been the solution.

I expose here my case:
If I do the TableGroup on the Table general >> the page breaks doesn’t works on my project.
If I don’t create a Header >> the page breaks doesn’t works on my project.
I need to create the TableGroup, inside the Table on DETAILS.

Trying to help,