Page configuration not updating

Looking for some assistance on what appears to be a bug

I have a page configured in a project, and the url seems to be stuck directing to a particular view. Regardless of the Primary View selected for the page, or even deleting/re-creating the page configuration (url), the same view always loads in any browser.

Troubleshooting steps:
It is not a browser caching issue: I tested on a computer that had never visited the url before, same problem, loaded the incorrect view.

Other pages (urls) are updating correctly, causing the browser to refresh upon saving the project. Upon changing and saving the 'broken' page, the browser is not automatically refreshed.

Deleting, re-creating, or changing Primary View does not affect the result.

The view itself is not broken. I can successfully use it with other pages/urls without issue.


Gateway Environment:

Edit: Adding page/url configs
The page that is stuck is "/calculator"

Did you accidentally list the URL twice in the config? Or is there some inheritance involved?

(If this really is a bug, you will need to open a support ticket. This forum is not official support.)

The url only exists once in the relevant project. The project is inheriting, but the inherited project has no urls set up.

I will wait a bit before jumping over to official support. This is my first usage of the community, would submitting a support request on the website be the correct course of action?

While providing the versions is always helpful, the primary thing we need in order to help is to see the URL configurations.

One additional thing to check:

  • Make sure the project you're viewing is the project you're developing by launching the project from the Designer.

Launching from Designer has the same result. I've edited my post to include page/url configs.

What View do you see when you visit /calculator?

Side note: Having a URL of /:some_param/:some_other_param is dangerous and potentially the cause of your issue. At the very least, you should not have any parameterized URL where the very first slash is followed by a param.

Imagine you later create a URL along the lines of /calctest/exp... You will never be able to reach the configured View because that URL will always be interpreted as a parameterized URL which takes you to your test View because of the /:line/:machine entry in your configuration; you'll arrive on the Test View with "calctest" and "exp" as parameters.

Parameterized URLS are fine, but you should always make them "safe" by preceding any parameters with a path that defines where they should be used and by extension makes the concatenated URL unique among other URLs.

Second side note: please don't go back and edit previous posts with more information, because now I have to go back and re-read the whole post to find what you changed. On top of that, later posts now sound silly because people are making recommendations and requests that appear outdated or ignorant, when really they were valid when they were posted.

The issue seems to have resolved itself, so unfortunately, I cannot troubleshoot it anymore.

Thank you for the notes. The concern over url parameters is appreciated, as we plan to use them extensively for scalability reasons. In this case, this is a sandbox project, so is not cleanly maintained. We do have a project with several dynamic urls of the below formats (which work just fine). I will revisit :param usage.


To answer your question: the "/calculator" url was always showing the view that was originally associated with the page, view was named "test". I don't recall the results when I renamed the view itself.

The three provided examples will work because some part of the concatenated URL is static and unchanging. A URL with no static piece is the problem.