Page Configuration: URL ordering

Hi guys,
Would it be possible to have a way to re-order URLs in Page Configuration, or perhaps automatically put URLs with parameters after URLs without parameters? For cases such as:

  • /url/:parameter
  • /url/page

In those cases, I currently need to do:

  • /url/x/:parameter
  • /url/page

…to avoid having the parameterized URL overshadow the other.





supposed to be referencing the same view? The way I’ve done this in the past is to add /url/page/:parameter as one page. I may be epically misunderstanding your question, though.

Unfortunately, they are not.
I have a bunch of pages under the same level, and a few of those pages share the same UI with a parameterized embeddedView, and so I pass the url parameter to the embeddedView. But I can’t use that design since the parameterized URL hides the other URLs. It’s not ideal, but back in my C# days, I was used to control the order/priority of URLs, so I thought why not have that in Perspective as well :stuck_out_tongue:

This is definitly the smarter way to do it. Who knows that maybe one day there would be a param named “page” than you could never reach it otherwise xd

But yes ordering of react routers actually is important. As the order matters in which it gets taken. So im guessing they didnt allow people to reorder them themselves as that would case trouble for the router

Actually i think the only reason it is working for you is because :params is above /page Because otherwise react router would put preference on :params so it would go to the /url/:parameter and think ‘page’ is the param