Page in designer won't run on client

We have a development machine (Win 7 Pro, 32bit) dedicated to designing Ignition programs. We have had no problems so far, with regards to the current project at hand. Yesterday, using the development machine, we were working on our program from a networked client (running Win 7 Pro, 64bit) and one of the screens we were designing wouldn’t open all the way (in the designer). No problem with the other screens, only this one. When we open this particular screen on the development machine it operates correctly, but on the client machine it slows the machine way down (actually paralyzes it!), and we can’t open the root container for that screen. We disabled any bindings and addressing that may have existed on that screen and that didn’t help either. Any thoughts?

Problem solved: We uninstalled Java 7.4 and installed Java 6.32, and everything started working great.