Paint Component

I’m having a problem with the paint component. I am using buffered images (not sure if this has anything to do with it), but when I zoom in above a certain threshhold, FPMI blows up immediately. It just disappears completely, and there are no remnants in the logs that I can see. The same thing happens to the GUI.

I know it’s something I’m doing, but since it crashes so suddenly, I can’t even log anything myself with print statements. Are there any other logs I can look at, or can the log permissions be tweaked to make them more verbose and catch this?

This sounds like a hard JVM crash. There is no catching it. There should be files appearing somewhere on your computer (typically desktop, user dir, C:\ root, java install dir, etc) called hs_err_pid####.log. These will have details as to what went wrong.

Is this repeatable across multiple machines and multiple JVMs? It probably isn’t which will help you start to narrow down the cause, which is probably something weird between java and your video card or the like…

There are no logs with that name and it happens on three different computers I’ve tried.

In that case, upload the offending window/project here (or email it) and describe the steps to reproduce the issue.

That would be great, thanks. I’ll send it out in a few minutes.