Paintable canvas and security

We are using the paintable canvas to do some vertical text, however when the user that is logged in doesn’t have the security rights for that window, ie Disable Events is checked and they are not part of the exempt roles, then the repaint event doesn’t seem to be getting called.

We’ve got other things that are using this component, this is just one of the ones that is an issue at the moment.

If I deselect inherit permissions it doesn’t seem to correct this behavior.

Edit: Ignition 8.0.13

Any ideas on how to get around this?

Just a little bump…

You can’t uncheck disable events?

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The paint event is an event, so it seems to not be a bug. Just inconvenient for your window design.

Any way to call the paint event directly to force it to paint?

No. It needs the graphics context, which can only come from within the native chain of method calls. You need to redesign your window so you can enable events.

OK thanks Phil. That was what I was afraid of.