Pan Zoom Container

BIJC is pleased to announce its latest module, a Pan Zoom container for Perspective. There have been a number of outstanding examples of Pan Zoom using an XY container but these are very specific and generally require advanced scripting and CSS skills.

BIJC container simplifies this process and allows the XY container to be responsive.

In its simplest deployment, a developed XY container can be placed inside BIJCs Pan Zoom container and it will automatically fit to any screen size. If the developer requires, panning and zooming can be enabled/disabled independently.

Multiple views or components can be placed inside the container and the scale property can be used to change the views path or any other bindable property. Any view or component that is outside of the current viewport is not rendered and therefore the bindings are not evaluated, this is especially important for larger deployments to reduce the load on the server.

You can download the module from here where you can also find the documentation

We have created a video showing a simplistic set of views and how easy it is to use the new container.

YouTube Link


The fit to component feature is very cool.
Great work!


Hi @Chris_Taylor, I downloaded a trial version of this module and installed it in a VM, but when I launch the session, I get the dreaded Component Error - I'm using v8.1.34 or so and I don't see any issues in the logs.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Some snips of console log:

That's strange, looks like one of our debug defaults is not being read, standby for a fix.

There is a new version due any day now, with improvements for the licencing function and making it more Maker friendly.


Sweet, I'll watch for that! I would like to use this module for Pan/Zoom functionality for a customer - if we can get this resolved, that would be awesome!

FYI, Latest module is released, V1.1.3
Improvements include:
Module defaults to licensed and only displays unlicenced if the licence checks fail, removing the annoying unlicenced display on slower connections
There also a few minor improvements to our debug system.

File it can be downloaded via