Guys what would you recommend be the best driver/method to connect to a Panasonic FPX PLC?


Can you tell us more about the device? Are you connecting to the device via ethernet? It supports connecting to devices that use Modbus RTU, does this device support being connected to with a Modbus driver?

Greg I had intended just to use the serial port or the USB port with maybe an OPC server. The PLC does support Modbus RTU.



So, if you have the serial support modules installed on your gateway then when you go to add a device there will be an option to add a Modbus Serial RTU connection (you’ll have to restart the UA module as well if you install the serial modules without a system restart). You can then specify the settings needed and should be able to connect to your device.

Just keep in mind that serial connections are very difficult to troubleshoot, so it can be hard to know where something is going wrong if you’re not getting the results your expecting.

Hope this helps


With Panasonic PLC you can use a simple Modbus TCP/RTU converter and use the Modbus TCP driver of Ignition.

Also you can use the Kepserver OPC server, Kepware has the direct drivers of Panasonic PLC, Ethernet and serial. … t_Link.asp

Panasonic is a new name of the Matsushita PLC .


Thank you for your valuable feedback!