Panel edition in emergency mode

I wasn’t aware that using the panel edition in emergency mode is not like the way the fail over mechanism works with redundant servers.

Reading the small amount of literature about emergency mode, I imagined that it would be a panel edition of ignition set up so that if communication with the main server was lost, the local panel edition would take over and run the local client. This way the panel edition would take care of making sure it was synced and up to date with the main server, and readily available to take over when the communication with the main driver (and perhaps its redundant backup) goes down.

From talking to tech support it appears this is not the case and that the panel edition is a manually updated version that you would launch manually if the link to the server went down.

This certainly seems to be the case since setting up the panel edition as a redundant backup caused the panel edition gateway to stop working

Since on our site, connection loss is usually associated with power outages, I would like to request that the panel edition have a synch mechanism similar to that used between the main and redundant servers in the mission critical setup.

I’d also like to request that this be an automatic failover so that no loss of control functionality be lost during the fail-close-open-login-navigate process that operators would go through currently.

It appears that most of the functionality is already in ignition to allow remote syncing and automatic failover.

Hopefully other people would like to see this functionality enabled.