Panel Edition on Wyse thin client

I have read on this forum of many people successfully running Ignition on Wyse thin clients. In normal situations we will use the thin client solely as a client. However in a back-up mode when the server is not available we plan to run Panel Edition. I am trying to install Ignition but I keep getting an error message that the system is low on memory and needs to reboot. I purchased the C90LEW with 4GB flash and 2GB RAM which should be plenty of memory. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

OK, I figured it out (with help from Wyse). In order to install any third party software you have to login as Administrator, disable File Based Write Filter Control, change some RamDisk settings, and point the Windows temp directory to your thumb drive. On the Wyse support site search for solution 10687 there is a PDF with all the instructions in it. Ignition installed fine after that.

Thanks, this is good reference info. Installing stuff onto those thin clients is always a pain…