Panel Edition w/ OPC-UA free licensing limitations?

We are primarily an integrator of conveyor and material handling systems, but we also manufacture our own ASRS machine. I am curious how the licensing of the free Ignition software works. You have to register the free license, but who registers it- the integrator or the end user? If there are several areas of the system and they are each running a stand-alone Panel Edition would that require multiple licenses? Would that fall under the allowed use of the free software?

We are looking at other HMI software packages that offer more features and capabilities than what we are currently using (PanelView, Red Lion G3, Interact Xpress). We need something that is scalable because we do everything from large distribution warehouses to small conveyor or carousel picking applications. The full Ignition package makes sense for some applications, but not all. The limited license Vision module is attractive as well as the Panel Edition. In many cases the free software will do everything that is required but I am concerned about the licensing restictions.

The free editions only apply when the user is installing it directly or an integrator is installing on their behalf. In other words, it does not apply when the software comes pre-bundled on a machine. However, it sounds like you may qualify for OEM pricing. Please call in at 800-266-7798 and discuss your requirements with one of the salespeople.

Thanks. I spoke to a sales person but mainly about the integrator program. We are primarily an integrator. We have a few products where we are the OEM but I did not ask about an OEM discount for those systems. I will inquire about that.

On the systems we are integrating, who typically registers the software (full or Panel Edition)? The end user, or the integrator? Is it acceptable to have multiple Panel Edition licenses on one project?

I’m stepping outside my lane here - so someone please correct me if I get any details wrong.

When you purchase qualified software under the Integrator Program, we track both the customer and the Integrator - that way you both are recognized. I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to do it that way when “registering” your free Panel Edition licenses. If it came down to it, either you or your customer could give us a call if there are any issues.

As a member of the Integrator Program doing qualified (non-OEM) projects, you’re not limited in the number of “Panel Edition” licenses for projects. In fact, there are applications where you would use multiple Ignition “Panels”, with registered systems. For example, in the “Emergency” architecture below, Panels are used for local control. You’re protected from a network or server failure because the panel can run stand alone. It’s worth mentioning that the panel can “retarget” to other servers and projects, giving operators full access to all your organization’s fancy features (reports, trending, etc), even across geographically diverse sites. … /emergency

Thats right, it is acceptable for either the end-user or their integrator to register for the Panel Edition license. Multiple Panel Edition installations on a single project is also perfectly acceptable.