PanelView Plus integer input/display with decimal equivalent

have an app where I am converting PV+ screens to ignition. Stumped on finding an equivalent for the following Integer numeric input field.
-Processor SLC 5/05
-Input is setpoint for temperature with 1 assumed decimal place
-setpoint is integer N7:40 where value of 362 = 36.2
-PV+ have input field where number is displayed as 36.2 and any changes mantain decimal place
-input of 36.5 would then write value of 365 to N7:40
-if PLC code changes N7:40 to 368, input field would update on PV+ screen as 36.8

I cannot find an equivalent way in Ignition to do this without losing the decimal place.

Good morning!

Just set up a test bed. Seems to work ok.

Set up a tag as a float ant point it to Nx:y(in my case I used N37:29)

Set up linear scaling. The default is already 10:1, so that’s a bonus.

Set up metadata so that it always shows a decimal point. Technically, you don’t need to do this, but it makes it look consistent in the tag browser.

Set up Numeric input as Double. Bind Double Value to the Tag. Also, making it Bidirectional will push PLC changes to the display. What I did not show, was to set the Decimal format to always show the decimal ("###0.0") within the field.

Hope this helps!


thanks for this, really appreciate you going to these lengths.

Will try it out in the AM.

I owe you one

Tried it this AM and worked like a charm.

thanks for your help.

You should post this solution in the Knowledge Base section, as it is a common seen thing with PanelViews used to input setpoints for older SLCs.