Parameter Binding Manipulation

I would like to get parts of PathToParentFolder in parameter binding. The path is Sensor/0/Alarm. I just need the Sensor. Is there a way to do that?

You can use an expression binding.

	lastIndexOf("Sensor/0/Alarm", "/") + 1

This returns "Alarm".

This is under UDT properties and expression binding is not an option.

There's no mention of that in your original post. Can you see how this wastes people's time?

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You could create an Expression Tag as part of your UDT and use the following Expression:

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I tried using split but it won't let me reference anything past the first row.
It won't take


I am trying to build a OPC Item Path based on the Tag Path.

Ignition's bracket operator for subscripts (in expression bindings) can perform the following operations:

  • someArrayProp[index]
  • someObjectProp[key]
  • someDatasetProp[column]
  • someDatasetProp[row, column]

Where index is an integer, key is a string, column is either integer or string, and row is an integer.

If you need to access any non-zero row in a dataset, you must specify both row and column.


I created and expression tag and created a script that parses the PathToTag and used runScript and it works like a charm.


I cannot figure out how to get that value into OPC Item Path of the tags in the UDT that contains the expression tag. I am starting to think what I am trying to do is impossible.

It's not impossible, you just have to find a different way.
You could run this in the Script Console to do exactly what you want:

def customOPCpath(path):
	#process the full Tag path to get your OPC path

for opcTag in system.tag.browse("/", {"recursive": True, "tagType": "AtomicTag", "valueSource":"opc"}):
	tagPath = str(opcTag["fullPath"])
	opcItemPath = customOPCpath(tagPath)
	system.tag.writeBlocking([tagPath + ".OpcItemPath"], [opcItemPath])
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