Parameter passing on one View

I am working on Perspective Ignition I have developed one screen and done parameter passing on that so that I can use only one screen and pass the parameters. I have three parameters as A,B,C and I can see three different screens as Screen A, Screen B and Screen C for three parameters. I want to view image only on Screen A and I do not want to view image on Screen B what should I do in this case.

Sounds like you want to have a single param to pass in 'A', 'B', or 'C'. Then you would just bind the meta.visible or position.display prop, depending on container the image is in, to an expression binding using the param.


{view.param.letter} = 'C'

Tip: in Perspective they're called "view(s)". I recommend that you edit the title and post to avoid confusion.

Done for him