Parameter passing to popup

When passing a UDT to a popup via the default method or scripting, there appears to be a slight delay when the popup is opened before the binding completes.
ie. If I have motor1, motor2 that are passed to popMotor that has a display of:
Root Container.Analog::Meta.TagName
if motor1 has been opened the motor2, the text display will show motor1 for a short period for showing motor2.
Is this normal.?


I referred to this thread & changed the binding from UDT to expression based & seems to function the same without the delay

There are numerous other reasons to never use UDT type Vision Window parameters as well. Lots of topics on this to look through if you have the curiosity

What are the other reasons? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I sort of understand as to why the delay is there, as the window is opened before the binding is completed.
I am assuming the reason is that all attributes are 'loaded' & therefore increase % on load.?
Is this the same reason not to use a UDT on a drop target..?