Parameter Reading operator (Path Structure)

Hi All,

I’ve been doing some work with UDT, Parameters and nested UDT. I have encountered a very curious and strange situation/problem so i need some help in the form of a clarification.

Sometimes i change Parameters from the Tag Browser, and i have some strange bugs where the parameters changes by a second and then returns to its previous value. This is usually when using UDT Parameters.

Today i have changed this parameter (Inverters_Qty) from 8 to 5, as the image shows, the tag browser indicates the new value (5), but perspective and binding editor is showing old value (8)

Debugging and trying to find the problem, i have encountered that if i change the path from “Path/to/tag/Parameters/param1” to “Path/to/tag/Parameters.param1” the new value appears, but using slash operator the old value is kept.

I think the same situation happens with scripts and tag bindings in expressions (as i remember, i have to double check this again).

Is there a technical reason why is this happening? Or is a bug? What is the correct way to read a tag parameter? Slash operator or Dot operator, both?

Thank you in advance.


I would need to look into this more to really weigh-in, but anytime I’m reading properties I use slashes for directories/files/tags and dots for attributes/properties.

This seems very wrong to me (if it even works):


And this is the way I would always do it personally: