Parameter = tag from parent nested UDT

See below for example. So what I would like to do is setup where the "Name" parameter of the Power udt is set to the value of the "name" tag within the parent UDT. I thought I could just do {[.]../Name} or {[.]../Info/Name} but that doesn't seem to work and I just get null value.

Nested UDTs getting values

abbreviated example

Power (UDT)
Parameters - Name, plc, rack
Tags - PS1ok, PS2ok, PS3ok, PS4ok

Rack (UDT)
Parameters - plc, Rack
Tags - Name, + a bunch more
SubUDT - Power
parametes name=??? PLC = {plc} Rack={Rack}

Parameters - plc
Tags Info/Name, + a bunch more
Subudt - Power1
parameters plc = {plc}, rack =0, name = ???
Subudt - Power2
parameters plc = {plc}, rack =0, name = ???
Subudt - Rack1
parameters plc={plc} Rack=1
SubUDT - Rack2
parameters plc={plc} Rack=2

Parameter bindings aren't general purpose bindings. They only evaluate upon tag startup, and only have the tag's native properties and UDT parameters available as sources.

You will need a value change event script on the outer UDT's member tag and have it write to the inner UDT's parameter. (Or perhaps you might need system.tag.configure().)

Thanks, Was hoping there was a simpler way but just used the value changed script on the base tag.