Parameter Type not the same after passing to popup

I ran into a bit of an issue passing a boolean parameter to a pop up view. When it is passed, the value is converted to a string and so the bindings in the popup didn’t respond. I was able to fix it with a map binding, but is there a better route to address this?

That’s not something you should even need to address - false in a property should always be false, and not "false" (outside of a containing String like “this false is false.”). I’ll try to replicate this behavior.

For reference here is how my button is configured. newRecipe is the param in question.

Oh, okay. That’s because you’re supplying a String value in that Value field. It’s a Text Field, so any value supplied there is a String.

If you want a boolean supplied through that newRecipe property, then you need to bind to a boolean property{root/prop_path/property_which_is_boolean}. Supplying the value as you’ve done means you do need to expect the String value like you’ve done.

My original assertion that you shouldn’t need to do anything was based on a bad assumption that you were passing a Perspective property, when you’re actually supplying a String parameter value.

Ok thanks. I may switch it to a script instead of using the popup action. Or just leave my transform on for now since it’s a demo and keep this in mind for future uses.

For what it’s worth, I highly recommend using the scripting API for all Perspective Actions you would take. The GUI Actions are nice to see what the available options are, but scripts give you far more flexibility and handling.

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