Parameterized Popup from Table

Hi all, I am currently trying to open a popup from a table. It is configured to open onRowClick, when a user clicks onto the table itself. I am a bit stuck on how to pass the data inside the table cell onto the popup (as a parameter) if it is even possible.

The only thought I have is passing {/root/Table/} but this wouldn’t work as it would force the entire table data inside. I can find the cell position through the selectedRow, but not sure how to point at the data at this position.

You should make sure you’re using a Script Action to open the Popup. If you do this, the script has an event object available which contains information about the row which was clicked:

def runAction(self, event):
	Fired when a row in the table is clicked.

		self: A reference to the component that is invoking this function.
		event: An object with the following attributes:
			row (int): The unique row index as it is represented in the source
			           data. Also known as the row ID.
			rowIndex (int): The row index as it is represented in the current
			                visible data.
			value (dict): The row's value as a JSON object.

If event.row or event.rowIndex don’t work for what you need becuase your value is part of the row’s data, then you would need to reference it a la event.value["<relevant_column_name_here>"].

system.perspective.openPopup(id="Something", viewPath="SomePath/SomeView", params={"someParam": event.value["<relevant_column_name_here>"]})

Hi there,
I’ve had trouble passing in the parameter - I’ve tested the code and the right value is being read from the table row, just not sure why it is not getting input as a parameter: the following is my code :

system.perspective.openPopup("Popup ID", 'file/file/file/file', params={ "path" : event.value["parameter"]},  showCloseIcon = True, resizable = False)

I’ve also output the parameter itself to a label and can confirm its showing up as the correct value for the event.value[“parameter”]. It seems to just not be going in as a parameter for the popup. I’ve also put a label on the popup to show the parameter, of which it is the default value. Any advice?

Could you share a picture of the params you have set up for the View being opened in the Popup?

Hi cmallonee,
I found my mistake - I wasn’t actually passing the parameter through because of some grammar issues - this caused the wrong input to be pushed through. A good lesson to double check any written code. Cheers

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