Parameterized Popup Window Writing TO Tags


I am creating a popup template where a number of parameters will pass if the user presses a button.

In the popup, the user may edit some values (e.g. High Alarm set-point)

I created custom properties in the root container of the popup window and the same in the button. Then bound the button custom properties to tags.

In the button script (that launches the popup), how can the user changes in the popup be saved and written to the tags.


Don’t send the parameter values to the root container of the popup, send the string tag path(s) instead. In the popup, use the tagpath with an indirect tag binding on your data entry fields. Make those indirect bindings bidirectional.

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This is pretty slick. Any easy way to bind the correct tag is to bind directly to a specific instance of the tag first. Next, switch to indirect tag (the direct path follows) and change the path to the tagPath string that you passed in.