Parameterized Popup window

I have created a popup window with “TagPath” as a parameter. I am trying to pass some data into it but it doesn’t seem to be passing anything.
below is the code.

Since you’re not complaining about an error, I imagine you’ve set up the Custom Property on the popup window:



If that’s not the problem, I would make sure param1 contains what you want… something like print event.source.TagPath or print param1 on line 7, then check the console

I have the property in the popup window.
I added that line into the script but nothing shows up in the console.

So it sounds like param1 isn’t getting loaded up with data

Have you tried just sending a string?

window = system.nav.openWindow('ItemConfig', {'TagPath' : 'test tag path'}


If that works then you know for sure param1 is just empty

I should have had you do print 'param1: ' + param1 because it would be more apparent if param1 was empty or not