Parameterized UDT Popup Instance Cross-writes to Different UDT

So we created a pop-up for AB Analog Input block configurations that allows maintenance users to modify the AI block settings (MinEU, MaxEU, Override, Alarms, etc.).
Everything worked well for 8 or so months but seems that one of the Ignition 8 builds has brought up an issue where the popups seem to retain some of the parameter data from other open or previously opened iterations which results in writing values from one UDT instance to another UDT instance which overwrites the setup information from one AI to another. We’ve disabled the popup after this happened twice, but I would really like to figure out what might be wrong with the popup, or if maybe its something in the UDT. If someone thinks they can help, I will see about uploading files that might be needed to look at it.

I think 8.0.13 and 8.0.14 has this issue. Should be fixed in 8.0.15

Hello, we are experionsing the same issues with version 8.0.16. Did you find any solution to this problem !

@HenkD We disabled our pop-ups remotely to prevent it reoccurring. Plan is to install the new LTS version, IA said it was an issue before a certain rev but I don’t remember which one. We have to go on-site for this before EOY so I’ll try to remember to update this thread with confirmation if the issue is resolved with the update. :white_check_mark:

I’ve found that putting in a default value in the UDT fixed this issue for me. Leaving the value blank in the UDT would cause the individual pop ups to see the same changes like you’re experiencing.

Worked on this last week. I installed 8.0.17 and disabled all Caching on parameterized pop-ups which wrote to setpoints. This should cause Ignition to seek the correct values every time the windows open. I think the Automatic Caching was the main issue causing the write-overs.

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