Parameterizing a filepath in an expression?

parameterize a filepath

Im trying to use the parameter {Recipe} to fit it in a filepath

the filepath is {[.]../TCP SLOW PSI GP1/Query[0,2]

but no matter what i try it doesnt like the syntax
is it even allowed?

Here are some of the attempts

"{[.]../" "{Recipe}" "GP1/Query[0,2]}"

You can not have nested {} in an expression.

Officially you can use the tag() expression to accomplish this. it isn’t always the best approach however.


Where are you attempting to do this, there may be a better way?

it is in an expression tag , trying to make a tag that takes a single row out of the 2nd column out of a bunch of different tables and it changes depending on a recipe name , then it adds them all together and divides by the amount of tables to get an average

any chance this works for getting the 2 to be a parameter as well?

tag("{[.]../"+{Recipe}+"GP1/Query[0,{column}]}") something like this?

Where are the parameters coming from?

In theory I think you would want something like:


The tag() expression takes a string tag path, so you’re building that string.

the parameters are coming from a UDT , they are recipe , profile number , and now column if i can get that to work , ill have to test it on monday

after a bit of tries i got it to work thank you

it ended up being
(Tag("[.]../"+{Recipe}+" "+"GP1/Query[0,2]")

i was forgetting to add a + " " + in between for a spacer