Parameters Incorrect in UDT's Imported into 8.1.5 from 7.9.13

I have Ignition tag UDT’s defined and working in Ignition 7.9.13. I export the UDT’s into an XML file and then attempt to re-import them into Ignition 8.1.5. The tag UDT’s are imported into Ignition 8.1.5 but the UDT “Basic Properties>Parameters” are incorrectly interpreted.

The attached image “Correct Tag Parameters Ignition Version 7-9-13.png” displays how the parameters are configured in the UDT in Ignition 7.9.13.

When imported into Ignition 8.1.5, Ignition incorrectly sets the “Data Type” of the parameters as “String” and the “Value” of all the parameters as excerpts of the raw XML “datatype” and “value” components. This can be seen clearly in the attached images “Incorrect Tag Parameters Ignition Version 8-1-5.png

I have attached the UDT XML file “tags.xml” in case it helps with your investigation. tags.xml (220.8 KB)

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

There are many differences between 7.9 and 8.x tags, including expression evaluation with parameters, that are only auto-adjusted for you when restoring a gateway backup or upgrading in place.

Thanks Phil. I just heard back from Inductive Automation support and it appears to them that this is a bug that has been popping up. Importing my tags into 8.1.3 works fine but importing them into 8.1.4 and 8.1.5 does not. They are looking into it.

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