Parameters not updating on new report viewer - expression binding

hi just checking if there’s a better way for the parameters to update instantly or just faster when i select a different label from my table list?

For example, i have a table with 3 data
Opportunity 1
Opportunity 2
Opportunity 3

The last data count is 1000, so when I save Opportunity 1, the next data count would be 1001.

And then when I select/save Opportunity 2 the next data count would then be 1002…

But the report seems to be taking slow or not updating at all. When I have Opportunity 2 selected the last data count I’m seeing is still 1001 when it should have been 1002 already

Any workaround for this?

Thank you

I don’t have a problem when its an sql binding, but the expression bindings are too slow, almost not updating i have to select it manually.

Any idea?