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I am very new to Ignition Designer so I will do the best to try and word this question that is hopefully understandable. I am trying to accomplish a task that would utilize a single pop up window to control a variety of devices. The main ones being valves and motors. The function of the pop up window would be to instruct the motor or valve to manually open, shut, run, stop, or obey auto functions within the PLC. I basically want it to set a bit with in the plc.

I was able to make a pop up that will set a tags value to whatever I want giving me control over the device. The problem I am running into is I want to use a single pop up for multiple devices. The idea is to click the device and that would populate a window with the data for that device. So the window would look the same for each valve but the buttons within the window would be set to control the device that I click on.

To summarize this a little…

How do I take a single pop up window and control different devices using that same window based on which valve button I click on in the main window? I basically want the valve button (call it button A) to tell a pop up window to control valve A, and then if I click another button say B I want it to open the same pop up window but it would then be controlling valve B instead of A.

Hope this makes sense.


sorry I forgot to include…
version 7.6.4
windows 7
and my back round is in factory talk so I would be using tags and parameters to accomplish this normally.

Yes, this is very common in Ignition.

What you need to do is have each valve button pass different parameters to the popup window when one of them is clicked on. You need to create custom properties on the rootContainer of the popup that will receive the parameters that are passed in by the valve buttons.

Then you need to use indirect tag bindings to reference a particular device to monitor and control in the popup. The indirect tag bindings will use your passed in parameters to reference the correct device.

You need to read this section of the Ignition Manual, “Indirect Bindings and Window Parameters” which explains how indirect tag binding and window parameters work. … ndow_p.htm

This is from the Ignition Manual:

Nick Mudge