Parameters to template View

In the IU video its explained that the Input to and Output from a view to be used as a template have to be defined as Parameters with input/out/both direction for each parameter. When Instantiating this view as embedded view in another view, the output parameters from the template automatically appear in the parameter list of the parent view (e.g. isActive parameter in the above video). Whereas the input parameters to the template have to be manually added ensuring that the name matches exactly as defined in template. Then these parameters can be bound to tags directly or indirectly.

My question why can’t the input parameters to the template be automatically populated in the parameter list of the parent view as is the case with output parameters? Why they have to be manually added with exact name matching with the defined names in template? This is confusing. Intuitively all parameters of the template should automatically appear in the parent view, they should take default values when not bound to anything. What is the difficulty in adding all template parameters in the parameter list of the parent view?

Hello! What version of Ignition are you currently testing on?

Working on 8.1.17, instantiating a view as a template will always populate the Parameters(input, output, and input/output parameters). If the instance is already created before having added the parameters, you can also “Sync Parameters” which will add all of your listed parameters for you automatically.

Perspective - Embedded View - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

I am using 8.1.17. Great if it instantiates all parameters, the IU video doesn’t show that for the previous version it was built on.

That’s a great feature! Will try this. It solves my problem. Thanks ! Great going.

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