Parametrized transaction groups

Hi! I'm currently working on an ignition project where we want to create a trigger for a concrete type of machine in a line. The machine is defined by a parametrized UDT and my question is: Is there any way to create a parametrized transaction group so i can re-use a trigger for multiple machines of a line which are identically the same not having to replicate the same trigger but pointing to different tags? This is a very tedious work and difficults mantainability and failure risk when pointing to a new machine.

Not in a transaction group, no.

Consider using a gateway tag change event script to replicate the action.

As i've read, tag change events are for running scripts, but, the transaction group trigger performs an insert, so, is there any way i can call the trigger and pass to it some arguments (references to tag)?, or you suggest to make data insertion on the script itself and not using transaction group?


Also, note.

This is what I'm suggesting.
An example (Apologies, I don't normally post just screenshots of code, but this is for illustrative purposes):


Nice! Thanks I'll check it, hope it works for me