Parse a tagname

I have a label that is using a tagname as its text. I want to parse it so the first two characters are not displayed.

For example.

My tagname is e_XXXXXXXX. I want the label to disregard the “e_” and only display the “XXXXXXXX”

any easy ideas?

Not sure if you’re doing this in an expression or scripting, but a simple substring function call should do it for you.

the expression I am using is:

"Diverter Valve - " + {Root Container.instanceName}

{Root Container.instanceName} is e_XXXXXXXXXX

I just want the XXXXXXXX

I cant seem to get the syntax correct.

Have you tried following the example at the docs? If so, what was your code, and what happened?

"Diverter Valve - " + substring{Root Container.instanceName,2}

Syntax error on Token “BOUND CONST”
line 1 char 62.

I have tried several syntax combinations and cant seem to find the correct way.


I got it.

thanks for pointing me in the right direction