Part orientation detection and alarming

Hello All,
I am looking to build a solution in Perspective to detect incorrect part orientation in a press brake and notify via alarm/event if the part blank is present wrong, Ignition would send a push email to our Quality team.

Initially I thought perhaps a camera(s) system may work, with the operator specifying the Part Number they are currently loading. I would have to store the parameters for each part like a recipe. I have been looking through the forum to see if any others had been working on a similar solution, but I am not seeing anything.

If anyone has done something similar, any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

This is the kind of thing the products from Keyence, Cognex, and others do reliably day after day. There's nothing native to Ignition to replicate the functionality in dedicated machine vision hardware.

That said, my Image Streamer module does load OpenCV into Ignition and make it available to scripting. It would be a ton of work to work out an appropriate OpenCV sequence of operations to perform your desired check. Unless your engineering time is free, the branded machine vision devices will be much cheaper to deploy.

Ignition can certain do the operator interface and recipe parts, but by telling a dedicated machine vision device what to do.

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Excellent. Thank you for the info! We have worked with Keyence in the past, I think that may be the best route, as you suggested!