Partial Pixels Ignition 8.02

Is there a way to prevent objects height and width from having decimal places? I’m developing the project at the maximum resolution and I’m finding that the decimal places make it difficult to align objects correctly.


There is no way to prevent positions from having decimal values, as the position is either directly supplied by you (or calculated by the Designer if you’re using Flex-y containers). How did you manage to get a component into such a situation, if you don’t mind my asking? Aside from manual manipulation or placing a component in a “percent” mode Coordinate Container and then copying it out into a “fixed” mode Coordinate Container, I don’t see how you’d get a component into that state.

I’m just using the default root container, create a rectangle and then drag the positions to where it looks correct. I haven’t changed any of the settings of the rectangle besides color. This happens across all components I’ve worked with and it makes it difficult to line up correctly.

Just curious ( because I had a bit of trouble with that once ) … Have you tried A. Turning on the grid when you lay out the components in high-resolution B. Using a good mouse eg. Logitech M705 instead of the built-in mousepad of a laptop C. Carefully creating some items with an eye towards the ‘whole-decimal’ goal, and then using copy and paste to create exact copies of the ‘whole decimal’ sized objects?
Yes, I rather missed the ‘snap to grid’ function that I used to enjoy in my favorite AutoCad clone. The designer in Ignition is different- yet you may find it more versatile for certain tasks.

A.I have not tried the grid since it is restricted to 5 pixels and I really want the extra accuracy of to the pixel when sizing an object. Most of my lines I’m using when drawing are only 2 pixels wide.

B. I’m using a logitech G602 and can adjust DPI as needed.

C. I have considered that path but I would rather that not be a requirement. I find myself taking CAD layouts and using them as a template to create overviews in ignition.

I don’t understand why I can’t restrict my components to using whole pixels?

It seems the issue occurs when zoomed in on designer. If you are zoomed 1 to 1 then adjusting an objects size will be in whole numbers. However if the object already has a decimal place it will keep that decimal place but only increment by whole numbers.

Unfortunately, as Mr. cmallonee from Quality Assurance pointed out, the only way to get ‘whole numbered decimal values’ would be to enter in the coordinates manually or to be extremely cautious at all times with the mouse to ensure no ‘decimal fractions’ of grid squares are used. If you do pre-define a few rectanges and circles, the copy function will preserve the dimensions. That can go away if you use multiple copies positioned with a mouse ( until they are aligned ). So the Ignition system is not truly a CAD system, yet the designer ( more so in Vision than Perspective ) can do a few drawing chores. The pre-canned SVG objects might save you some time, depending on what you are trying to draw. This would be something more to add to the cost- so it should be balanced against the cost of drawing everything you need ‘from scratch’ or importing or just getting the SVG module. I will attest that in lower numbered versions of Ignition, that highest-res. mode does lack the grid resolution that I might want. But then this also can be a storage issue ( more pixels to store except when scaling is used ).

The simplest way that I use is to right click on the object and open the size and position dialogue (or press ctrl+P) and then press OK. This will automatically resize and position your component to whole values. Just note that it will not keep the same aspect ratio, it will be slightly changed (not always, but it’s almost always guaranteed to). I use this method for all of my components on a Window. Once you’ve done that, then you can use the mouse again to resize and reposition in whole values.
Also, you should be confirming what visualisation module you’re using from 8 onwards, otherwise we have to try to inference if you’re talking about Vision or Perspective from your context

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