Partition still happening after turned off in Gateway?

Hello all!

I am setting up some trend charts that will log tag history. I turned off partitioning as we are going to be manually archiving data past a certain number of days.

I noticed today when looking into SSMS that a table was automatically created. I am not sure as to why this would happen if I have turned off partitioning. I could also be overlooking something, although I believe this could be related to partitioning.

Here is the log for when it was automatically created

and here is the table in the database, which is recording new values. The old table is now not recording new values.

Here is the gateway settings for this database

EDIT: I did see that the table would be created if the "enable partitions" was unchecked. Although, I did this after enabling tag history a couple of weeks ago. It shows the new table was created today.

If I need any more information, please let me know!

I'm confused, you said the old table is not recording new values. Why would it, you turned off partitioning?

See this doc, Ignition Database Table Reference - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

Poor choice of words, my mistake.

I meant that I turned off partitioning about a week ago. Although today it created the new sqlth_1_data table. The data was originally going into the db_owner.sqlt_data_1_2022 up until this new table was created today. I figured it would've created the sqlth_1_data as soon as partitioning was turned off.

Not sure on that, might want to contact support. To clarify, data was going to the old table up until today? So, if you look at the old table there was data from yesterday?

Yes, luckily, I was going through the logs and noticed it. I will contact support and see what they think. Thank you!

It is my understanding that tables won't be created until they are needed, so if today was the first time data was logged then I could see it, but if data was being logged a full week after the change I have no explanation for that