Pass a value into the template repeater that applies to all repeated templates

I’m building a mobile app to display well data. Every Well pad has a different number of wells so a repeater works well to display only the wells that exist for a given pad. I want to be able to list 10 pieces of data per well and either scroll to the right or use a button to change a display column number for the repeater to change which pieces of information are displayed for all the wells. In my picture you can see 4 pieces of info per well. I would like to hit a next button which would show the next for data items per well while keeping the well name visable. I have not determined a way to pass a property in through the repeater that will change the data seamlessly.


Create a client tag and have the templates reference that.

Consider switching templates.

Thankyou, that should do what i need it to do!

What do you mean switching templates?