Pass parameters with tab strip

It would be nice if you could pass a parameter to a window opened with a tab strip selection.

I like the idea, Doug, but I’m having trouble visualizing a real-world use for it. The lack of coffee may well be the culprit.

You can do that right now. You just can’t use the built-in “Swap Window” navigation mode. You have to set the mode to “Disabled” and handle the navigation yourself in the propertyChange event handler script. Your script will look something like:if event.propertyName == "selectedTab": value = event.newValue if value == "Tab 1": system.nav.swapTo("Path/To/Window1", {"param1":"paramValue"}) elif value == "Tab 2": ....You can also use system.nav.openWindow for popups rather than main windows.

That makes sense to me as a “nice to have” for 7.5.

It goes nicely with my personal #1 usability feature request - being able to browse a target window for Navigation parameter passing. Scripting is nice, but for common tasks, script builders are nicer :slight_smile:

I gotcha… a little hacky though.

I hear ya… basically what I was looking to do was some alarm scripting stuff and I wanted to pass an alarm filter parameter to a window based on which tab I clicked on. Then I could use that parameter in a scripting function. I do stuff like that now in my normal navigation but I was hoping there would be a nice option for it in the tab strip customizer.

Does that make sense to you or am I way off track?

Ok, I see it now-- had to upgrade to a Monster for it, but I got there! :laughing:

I will add a feature request in for the ability to pass parameters easily on the tab strip.

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This would be a plus. Passing dynamic properties from the docked widow to the windows selected by the tabs. Of course you could do this with scripts but something like the event handler navigation menu is better. More easily receptive to a wider audience.

Okay, before anyone says anything about how old this thread is:

Is this feature on the roadmap, or should it be officially added in the ideas forum?

Nope. A year and a half after Travis filed the ticket, it was closed in our internal tracker with the comment “just use manual mode”.

So, feel free to post it on ideas… just don’t count on getting much response :slight_smile:

Curses! Foiled again! :smile:

Thanks, Paul.